C&EN Goes To The ACS Meeting

#Wherescarmen? She says “thank you” to everyone who voted for her to cover sessions at ACS Indy.

Alcohols’ Tertiary Center Undergoes Stereoinversion
ACS Meeting News: New reaction flips triply substituted alcohols into isonitriles
It’s turnabout time for triply substituted alcohols in a new reaction, which flips the configuration of the alcohols’ central carbon as the compound is transformed into an isonitrile. The reaction provides a shortcut to compounds with tertiary alkylisonitriles or tertiary alkylamines that could make it easier to synthesize natural products and design new pharmaceuticals and materials…
Goodnight, Indianapolis

Goodnight, Indianapolis

Source Of Fishy Odors Identified

ACS Meeting News: When omega-3 fatty acids are oxidized, a mixture of 11 of the degradation products causes unpleasant smells, flavors

Food scientists would like to add omega-3 fatty acids like eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid to foods because they’re believed to have health benefits and humans have trouble making them. The problem is that these unstable fatty acids can degrade via chemical or enzymatic oxidation to form compounds that give foods a fishy smell…

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Molecular Motor Spins In Two Directions

ACS Meeting News: A ruthenium-based complex spins clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on how electrons tunnel through it

Inside cells, tiny molecular motors spin to synthesize biomolecules or walk to transport cellular cargo. Scientists want to copy these motors to make nanomachines, but so far synthetic motors have spun intermittently and in only one direction, limiting their usefulness. This week, during a session in the Division of Inorganic Chemistry at the American Chemical Society national meeting in Indianapolis…

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Analyzing Laboratory Hazards
ACS Meeting News: ACS guidelines are directed at small-scale research lab activities
In the wake of several serious accidents in research laboratories across the U.S., the American Chemical Society has issued new guidelines in a 132-page report titled “Identifying and Evaluating Hazards in Research Laboratories.” The document was developed by the ACS Committee on Chemical Safety and made publicly available…
A Stem Cell Special Delivery
ACS Meeting News: Neural stem cells show promise for delivering chemotherapy directly to brain tumors

For people with aggressive brain tumors called glioblastomas, the prognosis isn’t good: Even after surgery and chemotherapy, patients, on average, survive for 15 months.

But researchers are trying to improve that statistic by using neural stem cells (NSCs) to deliver targeted doses of the cancer drug doxorubicin to glioblastomas…